Monthly Acquisitions: November 2016


November 2014 Acquisitions

It was quite a varied haul this month, from the Bburago 1:24 scale Maserati Gran Turismo to the Kinder Surprise Mini (approx 1:87 scale).

The month started with the temptation of a 30% off sale in XS toys, where I bought the Maserati Gran Turismo for 28 lari instead of 40 lari. I don’t usually buy 1:24 scale, but I love Maseratis. Maseratis are much scarcer in the model world than Ferraris or Lamborghinis. I was happy to add not one, but two to my collection this month. The second was a Chinese model of a Bora, as a child my dream car was a Maserati Bora, so despite the crudity of its manufacture, I felt obliged to buy such a rarity. I found it in a kiosk in Abashidze Street.


Maserati Bora

I also don’t often buy many models of fifties cars preferring models of cars from the late sixties and early seventies, but I found two models of 1953 cars I liked this month, a 1953 Opel Kapitan “Polizei” by DeAgostini and a 1953 Packard Caribbean by Welly.


1953 Opel Kapitan and Packard Caribbean

Visiting Drybridge Market at the beginning of the month, I found some model cars on a stall which doesn’t usually have model cars.


at Drybridge market

There were five model cars, what immediately interested me was the Fiat 128 by Mercury (an Italian diecast manufacturer), that was 10 lari. The larger cars an E Type and a Dodge Viper didn’t interest me, but the stallholder offered me the three smaller cars for 20 lari (at first he proposed 10 lari each), this was interesting. So I added a Norev Ligier JS2 and a Matchbox Ford Model A Van “Pepsi-Cola” to my haul. The Carrefour supermarket chain has started carrying the Welly 1:60 cars in blisters, last month I found a Porsche 964 Turbo, this month I found the classic Citroen 2CV. I’ve been looking at Hot Wheels a lot but only found a couple of models, to add to the collection this month a 2001 Acura Integra GSR and a “Goldfinger” Lincoln Continental (the latter was also in the XS Toys 30% off sale).

Finally there were a couple of Minis, my granddaughter Ana, found a Mini Cooper in her Kinder Surprise egg and I found a Cararama model of the classic Mini Cooper with Isaak in Vagzlis Basroba.


Totals: 12 Models. 2 Hot Wheels, 2 Welly,  1 DeAgostini, 1 Matchbox, 1 Norev, 1 Kinder, 1 Bburago, 1 Mercury, 1 Cararama and 1 unbranded Chinese model

3 from Drybridge market, 2 from XS Toys, 1 from Vagzlis Basroba, 1 from Carrefour (Isani), 1 from Happy Days, 1 from a kiosk on Abashidze Avenue and 1 a gift from my granddaughter, Ana

Total Cost: 121.82 lari ($48.74)


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