Monthly Acquistions: December 2016

The last haul of the year. I managed to stay under my 100 lari budget (just), it wasn’t easy, as I had begun the month paying 40 lari for a Corgi Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, the highlight of the month with immense nostalgia value. The Georgian lari has fared badly against the US dollar recently,  100 lari is just $37.88 (28 December 2016).


Mini Cooper and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

I had been interested in the Corvette for a while, I had seen it at Drybridge Market (Tbilisi) a couple of months ago, then the seller Karo was asking 60 lari, Karo has great models but high prices. I waited and eventually he came down to a more reasonable 40 lari. The Corvette attracted me for several reasons: it is Corgi (my second favourite brand, after Matchbox), it is a sports car from the early seventies (my favourite era) and it has pop-up headlights, a feature activated by a switch on the base. It was difficult to resist at 60 lari at 40 it became impossible.


December 2016 acquisitions

I bought 9 models in total. Corgi made some great Land Rovers but the “British Telecom” Land Rover I got is by the Chinese brand Cararama, it will go well with my Corgi Royal Mail Vans. Before this month, I only had one Plymouth in my collection, now I have three with the addition of two Hot Wheels Barracudas, a 1970 convertible and a 1968 Formula S.


Hot Wheels Plmouths

I also got a couple of Hot Wheels American trucks, the Chevy 4 x 4 Blazer with Fire Department livery and a 1978 Dodge Li’l Red Express Truck (my first of the new Hot Wheels models for 2017).

There were also a couple of small Porsches, a tiny 911 from a Kinder Surprise Egg (plastic not diecast) and a 944 , made in China with no diecast brand marked. The Kinder Porsche was a present from Mari.

Finally I picked up a Kinsmart 1962 Volkswagen Bus Double Cab Pick Up.


Totals: 9 Models: 4 Hot Wheels, 1 Corgi, 1 Cararama, 1 Kinder, 1 Kinsmart,  and 1 unbranded Chinese model

3 from Drybridge market, 2 from XS Toys, 1 from Vagzlis Basroba, 1 from Super, 1 from Varketili Metro Market, and 1 a gift from my friend Mari

Total Cost: 93.27 lari ($35.33)


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