Happy New Year


Some carded Hot Wheels and Matchbox

Mutlu yıllar, that is Happy New Year in Turkish. I noticed in the stats, that last month this blog had most views from Turkey, I know there are many collectors in Turkey, on Facebook I am in a couple of Turkish based collecting groups, but it was still a bit surprising as I write in English. Usually the US is number one.


December 2016 views by country

I haven’t yet added any new models this year, but I’ve been looking through my collection and updating some older posts. RenaultBburago 1:64 and missing… have been substantially updated.


post views

Looking at the posts which attract the most views I see anything with Bburago or Ferrari is popular. In my collection of over 700 models, I only have 3  Bburago Ferraris, 2 1:43 scale 599XX and a 1:64 scale F50.


My Bburago Ferraris

I have 30 Ferraris currently, the premium price of Bburago Ferraris over other Bburago models deters me from getting more.

I have no idea what 2017 has in store from a collecting point of view, 2016 saw 200 models added to my collection. The most represented car brand in my collection is Ford 82 at last count (of which 29 are Mustangs). The most represented Diecast brand is Hot Wheels, I haven’t counted how many.


December’s haul

Last month’s haul of 9 models isn’t necessarily typical. This included 4 Hot Wheels models, three of which were bought new in the shops. The ‘78 Dodge Li’l Red Express Truck is the first of the 2017 Hot Wheels‘ new models for my collection. Surprisingly from the same store (XS Toys on Rustaveli Avenue), I also picked up the Plymouth Barracuda Model S from the 2014 Hot Wheels range. The Barracuda Convertible is an older Hot Wheels that I picked up at Drybridge Market.

December saw slightly more trucks than usual. I generally prefer cars to trucks, but I do like Land Rovers and the iconic 1962 VW Bus Double Cab Pick Up from Kinsmart proved irresistable. My favourite era is late sixties to early seventies. My favourite brands are Matchbox and Corgi, which is partly a nostalgic vibe as I grew up in England in the sixties and seventies.


Corgi Citroen SM

This Corgi Citroen SM was the highlight of last year’s collecting. It cost 25 lari from Drybridge Market, it came with a box and the car is in mint condition. A sports car from the early seventies and the model manufactured by Corgi in Swansea, gives it that magical nostalgic vibe, that excites me and keeps me hunting.

(The Georgian lari has fallen badly against the dollar in the past year. Older posts will have different conversions relating to the exchange rate at the time. 25 lari is $9.10 today. $100 is about 275 lari, when I started this blog $100 was about 175 lari, a big difference.)

I am always interested in your comments, recent comments caused me to update the Bburago 1:64 Scale post.

I wish you all a very happy new year.

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