Hot Wheels 2017

Last year, I had to wait until February, to see any of the new Hot Wheels models for 2016 reach the shops of Tbilisi. This year a few have arrived earlier. Last month, I saw some in XS Toys and picked up a 1978 Dodge Li’l Red Express Truck. Yesterday, visiting Pepela in Marjanshvili, I found the cute Nissan Farlady 2000 designed by Jun Imai as a street racer.

I’m still looking out for the Volkswagen Kafer Racer, but it is good to be able to cross off two models from my wants’ list so early in the year.

  • Honda Odyssey (found 23 September 2016)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
  • 1978 Dodge Lil Red Express Truck  (found 25 December 2016)
  • ’70 Dodge Charger (Fast & Furious) (found 19 January 2017)
  • Volkswagen Kafer Racer
  • Mystery Machine (found 19 January 2017)
  • Nissan Fairlady 2000 (found 9 January 2017)
  • Custom Datsun 240 Z (white)

Full list Hot Wheels Wants’ List.

The Li’l Red Express Truck was the first muscle truck and  it was the fastest made American production vehicle in 1979, faster than a Trans Am, faster than a Corvette…the cars had been caught by emissions regulations but the truck got around the regulations being a truck. Li’l Red Express Truck (video link)

I was surprised when I walked into Pepela in Abashidze Street, they had a wealth of new Hot Wheels models, before they only carried the Hot Wheels sets. I picked up a ’70 Dodge Charger (from Fast & Furious), the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and a Pontiac Firebird with flame decals. I left K.I.T.T. , the Minecraft Cart and some other interesting models.


Pepela Abashidze Street…

2017 new models are available in other regions before 2017, Race Grooves who I follow on Youtube published his  unboxing of a 2017 A Case back on November 3 2016, I find his unboxing videos informative as to what is coming out in Hot Wheels. Race Grooves 2017 A Case Unboxing Video.

Comparing the selection of 2017 models we have here in Tbilisi, Georgia with the Race Grooves unboxing videos, I’m convinced all the new models are from B Cases. Race Grooves B Case Unboxing Video

Here in Georgia (former USSR) some shops still have models from the 2014 selection on the shelves.

I hope I can find the new for 2017 VW Kafer Racer soon. It looks amazing.


VW Kafer Racer (picture from Lamley Group)


5 thoughts on “Hot Wheels 2017

  1. Blimey, the VW Kafer Racer does look amazing. It looks like the exhaust is being aimed directly at that rear wing, too. I shall have to research that car in real life. I haven’t seen that one yet. But i’ll be out looking today. I did find the white custom Datsun, a liitle before Christmas. I over did it a bit that day, I also got the gold gas monkey Corvette and the Rodger Dodger, all at Sainsburys, very nice cars.

  2. Thanks very much for the link, it’s great to get the back story on the design. I think the designer must have been thinking that the exhaust gases would move past and stall the rear-wing, the trick the use in F1.

    I had absolutely no luck finding the Kafer racer today, in fact, there wasn’t much of anything new, most stores seemed to have had a post-christmas clear-out. I hope it is the calm before the storm and there will be a big re-stock soon. I did manage to stay on budget though and picked up two Beatles cars, the Paul McCartney and the Ringo Star, and also a 007 Diamonds are forever 71 Mustang Mach 1, those three were on sale, but the highlight was finding a very nice and simple Matchbox VW Transporter Cab, pale blue, it has real character.

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