I finally found a Super Treasure Hunt

I almost missed it! Yesterday, (31 January) I went to the Smart Supermarket in Vake, I took a photo of the Hot Wheels pegs, but didn’t notice at the time there was a Super Treasure Hunt before my eyes.


Can you see it?

There were a lot of new 2017 models from the International B Case (Hot Wheels put out 15 boxes a year, here in Georgia we may get two of them). I took the photo and then got some shopping (soap and sardines). I then went to teach a couple of private students (I’m an English teacher).

On the bus going home I looked through the photos on my phone, and then I saw it! The Mystery Machine in the special dark green colour. I needed to do some quick thinking, it was past 10pm, should I go back to Smart, or wait for tomorrow, would it still be there? I decided to go back, I’d only ever seen Super Treasure Hunts in pictures and videos on the Internet. I really wanted this one.

I got off the bus, crossed the road and caught a bus going back the way I came. I wasn’t sure what time Smart would close. I felt anxious. I got to Smart, they were still open at 10.30pm, I went in and to my great relief it was still there.


The Mystery Machine (Super Treasure Hunt)

What is special about Super Treasure Hunts? You may well ask. They have a different colour to the standard model, they have “real rider” rubber tyres (not the regular plastic wheels) and they are rare, maybe one in every 15 cases of Hot Wheels (a case will have 72 cars). At retail, individual Treasure Hunts cost the same as regular models. On the secondary market, Treasure Hunts can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. A vehicle’s rarity, popularity, whether it is loose or carded, and the condition of the packaging all play a role in its value. This Mystery Machine I have seen on Ebay for $35, it cost me 6.90lari ($2.56), but I’m not selling it. This is the only one I have ever found. I have a few regular Treasure Hunts, identified by a low production flame logo, I have posted about this in the past: Treasure Hunts


Regular Treasure Hunts and Mystery Machine Super TH

I am not too bothered about finding Regular Treasure Hunts anymore, but I’ll keep an eye out for dark green Mystery Machines. I might need some help from Scooby Doo to sniff them out!


Regular Mystery Machines and the Super TH Mystery Machine

17 thoughts on “I finally found a Super Treasure Hunt

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  3. Hi there 🙂 congratz for you find! If you would like to trade for two supers (1 from 2015 and 1 from 2016) for yours Mystery Machine – ping me with email.

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