Hot Wheels 2017 B Case

There are a few stockists of Hot Wheels in Tbilisi with the new 2017 models : Carrefour, Pepela, XS Toys, Super and Smart... but all of them seem to have their selection from the B Case. Hot Wheels puts out 15 cases a year, and some cars overlap but some are not found in every case. I watch with interest RaceGrooves unboxing videos on YouTube (and sometimes Lamley Group Unboxing Videos, too).

RaceGrooves Hot Wheels Factory Sealed Case Unboxing Video

I actually found the Super Treasure Hunt in Smart, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.


Mystery machine Super Treasure Hunt

I also have the regular Treasure Hunt Fangula.



The box has a good selection, I picked up a lot of models I was excited about (obviously the Mystery Machine Super TH was the most exciting). There was the Fairlady 2000, Li’l Red Express Truck, ’68 Mustang (tooned), 1970 Dodge Charger (from Fast and Furious) and Minecart. Then there was the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser with new colour and tampos (I now have 4 variants of that casting), the ’77 Pontiac Firebird with flame tampos and a regular Mystery Machine. The last two I picked up were the Ford F150 Raptor (I preferred its colouring to the Dodge RAM) and Fangula.


Some of the B case selection

Now I find myself looking at the pegs and wondering whether or not to get any more, I’ve already picked the sweetest models (for me).


Selection in Smart where I found the Mystery Machine Super TH

Some of the ones I am considering are :

  • K.I.T.T. -The car from Knight Rider. This wasn’t a TV show I watched, the car looks cool.
  • Tesla SI think I’d prefer to find the Matchbox Tesla
  • Emoticar – a fun design with several emoticons in the barrel, on the side and on the base
  • 69 Ford Torino Talladega – I have the blue model put out last year in the Speed Graphics series, I do like fastback muscle cars from this era, it is tempting.
  • 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible – I have a lot of Mustangs in my collection.
  • Dodge Daytona (Tooned) – I’m not sure about the tooned cars, I got the ’68 Mustang but generally I prefer more realistic cars
  • Porsche 993 GT2 – I already have a lot of Porsches but they are always tempting
  • Lincoln Continental – I have three variants of this casting
  • UNSC Warthog – from the HALO Video Game, I haven’t played the game but the casting looks pretty cool
  • 14 Corvette Stingray – I preferred it when it was in the fire chief livery
  • ’63 Chevy II
  • Custom ’72 Chevy Luv Pick Up
  • VW Golf Mk 7
  • Dodge Viper SRT10

Then there are some that don’t interest me at all like Speedy Perez, Tarmac Attack and HW Poppa Wheelie


VW Kafer Racer (Lamley Group Photo)

There are also cars on my Hot Wheels Wants’ list, new for 2017,  like the Volkswagen Kafer Racer which won’t appear until the C Case, which I doubt we will see here.


Highlights of the B Case


Carrefour Tbilisi Mall


20 thoughts on “Hot Wheels 2017 B Case

  1. I just saw the KITT listing on the Hot Wheels website this morning. I have gone off Hot Wheels in recent months with the Matchbox revival, but used to watch Knight Rider back in the day, and it will be a cool model to add to my “star cars” collection, alongside the Simpsons cars, BttF DeLorean, Bond cars, and a few others.

    • Hot Wheels are much easier to find here new than Matchbox or Majorette. Although as I pointed out in the post the selection is limited. There are lots of new Matchbox I would like to find, this month I have only added one new matchbox a Jeep Willys 4 x 4.

  2. I reckon that is probably one of the best super treasure hunts to find. It has an amount of extra cultural significance! ☺

    I still haven’t found the VW Kafer Racer. I came close though, I found the card and blister broken and empty. Someone had nicked it, from the packaging!

  3. Thanks for the luck, I finally found it today. In Sainsbury’s of all places. It is the first time that they have re-stocked since Christmas. They actually had two VW Kafers, I only picked up one as I didn’t think it would be fair to take both. But I was also able to get the Beatles Yellow Submarine, which is a big deal to me, as a relatively new collector I thought that I had missed the boat with that one. And I also got a different race numbered black BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car. The VW Kafer is quite a long model and quite heavy, too, with the wing almost busting out of the blister. This got me thinking that maybe the empty blister that I had found previously had just broken, and the actual VW Kafer model could have been at the bottom of the bin rather than just having been stolen.

  4. You have got some really great models, Jim. A wonderful collection. There seem to be two black BMW CSL’s out there, one a racing number 7 with the Castrol logo and another racing number 16. Very 1970’s looking/wedge-shaped.

    • Thanks. I have seen in the unboxing videos (by RaceGrooves on Youtube), the two variants of the black BMW. I found just one white BMW 3.0CSL at the airport shop in Istanbul. It is a great looking casting.

  5. Jim, just to share some more observations with you about the Käfer racer, you know you have the diamonds are forever Mustang Mach 1, and that, that is quite a long model? Well, the Käfer racer is easily as long as that. And it is interesting also that the detailing goes as far as having a sculpted gear box protuding out beneath the exhausts. It really is quite an interesting design.

  6. Jim, can I ask, what are your thoughts on the tooned series cars? I don’t have any of them, at first I wasn’t sure, but they are now starting to grow on me. I think, now, the reason is that they remind me a little of the Choro Q cars that I used to play with in the PS2 game, Road Trip Adventure (A really great game, lots of depth to it for a racer). Having seen a few of the tooned cars in shops now I think I am starting to better get the concept of them I think.

    • Generally, I prefer more realistic cars, however I did get the tooned ’68 Mustang and I’m tempted by the tooned Dodge Daytona. The tooned cars remind me a little of when Matchbox went a bit crazy around 1973 and brought out cars like the Mini Ha Ha and VW Flying Bug…

  7. I am tempted a bit by the tooned, White Countach (I know it isn’t too popular as ordinarily that model looks ‘tooned’). I’m thinking that if I were to keep or display all the tooned cars together, then they probably won’t look too out of place. ☺

  8. I have one Countach, it is a kind of Burgandy colour, but it is a no name Chinese casting I think. It is the 1984 version though. I like the first or original less fussy version of the Countach more I think.

    • I have two, a Matchbox one and a Maisto one, neither of which are great. The Maisto would be okay if it had better wheels, the Matchbox was from the Matchbox International Years (1985) and looks a little tooned itself.

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  10. I have yet to find a super treasure hunt but i’m not giving up hope!.either way i have a nice car collection and love making youtube videos on them.

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