Peg Warmer

A peg warmer is a model diecast left on the pegs, when the rest have gone. In Hot Wheels, here, a few undesired models seem to invariably get left on the pegs as the more popular models go: the USS Vengeance, the Vanster and Cool One spring to mind. In Matchbox the unlicensed models tend to linger.

Today, I ventured into Pepela in Saburtalo Mall and I saw a surprising peg warmer: a Siku Audi A4 Avant.


Peg Warming Audi

There were maybe 30 Siku models in total, of which around 20 were Audi A4 Avants, not a great selection really. I didn’t get one, even though they had been discounted from 10.90 lari to 6.90 lari, I did get another Siku Audi a TT which was also warming the pegs, but not so numerously.

Meanwhile in Metro Mart, a starfleet of USS Vengeances are left on the shelf.

USS Vengeance

A starfleet of USS Vengances

4 thoughts on “Peg Warmer

  1. I think I would have been tempted to pick up one of those Audi’s myself. And try to turn it in to a race variant, with some decals. I have definitely seen a lot of the ‘cool one’ at shops. I’ve never seen the USS Vengeance but it surprises me that it isn’t popular (well, it isn’t a car, I suppose). I’ve seen a lot of the toilet seat car lately and also the tooned vw beetle with the wood panelling.

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