Hot Wheel (sic) Porsche Turbo

The black Porsche Turbo (of which I have two) is a Hot Wheels copy. There are lots of cheap Chinese models on the Tbilisi market that are trying to dupe buyers into thinking they are genuine Hot Wheels product. The packaging is blatantly in Hot Wheels’ colours with the flame logo. I have posted about Hot Wheels copies before. This year I have picked up a couple of Porsche copies, the pictures show the black Porsches with genuine Hot Wheels Porsches.


What might not be clear is the body of the fake is plastic with a metal base, whereas the Hot Wheels models have a diecast body with a plastic base. Also the fakes are cheaper, I bought the blistered fake in a shop for 2.50 lari, genuine Hot Wheels retails here at 6.90 lari; a big difference. The base of the fake has no information, unlike the Hot Wheels model. The packaging uses the Hot Wheels colours, but omits an “s” from the brand name.


2 thoughts on “Hot Wheel (sic) Porsche Turbo

  1. The fake Porsche look ideal for customising. Especially if they have plastic bodies. Very interesting. It is such an iconic shape, I would definitely pick one up.

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