Monthly Acquisitions: February 2017

This month didn’t have the excitement of a Super Treasure Hunt but I did find the regular Treasure Hunt from the Hot Wheels 2017 B CaseFangula“. A fantasy model in the “Fright Cars” Series. I’ve seen a few on the pegs, but just got the one.



It has been an interesting month, nevertheless. I found  some new hunting grounds around Tbilisi for models. In the secondhand clothing part of the sprawling Vagzlis Basroba market, I found one stall selling toys, with a basket of diecasts. I came away with four: No. 3 Shellzone Ford Mustang (Fletcher, Barnhardt & White), Dodge Viper RT10 (Matchbox International), a Mongoose Funny Car based on a Plymouth Duster (Hot Wheels) and 24/Seven based on a Mazda RX7 (Hot Wheels).


February Haul


I think I exhausted my wants from the Hot Wheels B Case adding a Tooned ’68 Mustang, Ford F 150 Raptor and the aforementioned Fangula.

In a shop in the underpass at Liberty Square, I found a Chinese model of the Turkish Tofaş 131 Murat based on the Fiat 131 Mirafiori.

It was good to find some Matchbox (my favourite band), even if I didn’t find any from my Wants’ List. Only two chains carry Matchbox here and their selection isn’t the widest, most of the models are the unlicensed ones, which rarely interest me. I found a Jeep Willys 4 x 4 and a VW Beetle 4 x 4 and two secondhand models.

matchbox-feb-2017There was also a Kinsmart 1967 VW Beetle (1:32 scale), which stirred nostalgic memories of the old Dinky Beetle in the same colour.


Kinsmart VW Beetle and Dinky Catalogue (1974)

In Pepela, Saburtalo Mall I found a lot of Siku Audi Peg Warmers and came away with an Audi TT. A shop where my granddaughter picks up her school supplies had a fake Hot Wheel (sic) Porsche Turbo


Hot Wheel Porsche Turbo and Siku Audi TT

A second visit to the stall in the secondhand clothes market, saw me add another three models to the ever growing collection (at 3 lari a piece). The playworn  1983 Corvette was Made in Macau, and debuted in 1983, the year after Lesney went bankrupt, the Matchbox brand name, some tooling, moulds and other assets had been sold to Universal Toys and David Yeh.

The other two models are Hot Wheels: on the left a ‘40s Woody, which was part of a series called Connect Cars (2009) Hot Wheels put out a series of fifty cars in interlocking boxes, one car for each of the 50 US states, the Woody represented California, the number 31, inidcating California was the 31st state to join the union (in the light of recent events, I wonder if it will be the first to leave). I don’t have the connecting box. Finally. on the right a tooned VW Beetle (2010 model), it will make a companion piece for my tooned ’68 Mustang.


40s Woodie (Hot Wheels), ’83 Corvette (Matchbox) and a tooned VW Beetle

28 February: After I posted this, I ventured to Drybridge Market check out my latest post: Just Looking….Who am I kidding? I found 5 old Corgis on Gocha’s stall and added three of them to my collection, pushing my spending over the monthly budget…


Three Corgis: DeTomaso Mangusta, Rover 2000TC and Oldsmobile Tornado

Totals: 19 Models: 7 Hot Wheels, 4 Matchbox, 3 Corgi, 1 Kinsmart,  1 Siku, 1 Hot Wheel (sic), 1 Fletcher, Barnhardt & White and 1 unbranded Chinese model

3 from Pepela, 8 from Vagzlis Basroba, 3 from Drybridge Market, 1 from Super, 1 from Smart, 1 from Liberty Square Underpass, 1 from Sabitumo, and 1 from XS Toys

Total Cost: 130.78 lari ($50.61)


5 thoughts on “Monthly Acquisitions: February 2017

  1. Some really great models there. I particularly like that Matchbox Jeep. I found one Matchbox this weekend, a very nice 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX, in Silver. I now have a grand total of three Nissan’s! ☺

    • I’ve seen photos of the Matchbox 2000 GTX but I haven’t seen it on the pegs. There aren’t many outlets for MBX here and they usually have mainly unlicensed models. I have a few Hot Wheels 2000GT/Xs. Nissan is the fifth most numerous make in my collection after Ford, Chevrolet, Porsche and VW.

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