“Just Looking”….Who am I kidding?

One of my students cancelled, so having more time on my hands than usual, I thought I’d just go and have a look at the stalls of Drybridge Market, with no intention of buying… I had already posted my Monthly Acquisitions: February 2017 post.

I got to Gocha’s stall, where I’ve bought a few models over the years (Soviet, Matchbox Yesteryear, Dinky etc…) and he had not one old Corgi but five!


Gocha’s stall

You see the gap in the cars between the Corgi Ferrari 250 Le Mans and the Welly Packard Caribbean, that is where two of my purchases were.

He had the London Routemaster Bus, Ferrari 250 LM, DeTomaso Mangusta and Rover 2000TC. All models from around 1970, and the asking price just 20 lari ($7.74). He further produced an Oldsmobile Tornado (Minus two wheels) for just 10 lari.


Three Corgis: DeTomaso Mangusta, Rover 2000TC and Oldsmobile Tornado

Corgi is my second favourite diecast brand (after Matchbox). I left the Ferrari because I already have it (and the tyre was missing on the spare wheel). I am still tempted by the Routemaster Bus such an iconic vehicle, although I am more interested in cars than buses or trucks.

I wasn’t able to leave the DeTomaso or Rover.

Now to amend my previous post.

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