Corgi “Golden Jacks”

Corgi had many innovations; one of the company’s cleverest innovations the Golden Jacks ‘Take-Off Wheels’ system which first appeared in March 1968. Authentically detailed die-cast take off wheels were fitted to these models and were attached to the axle by means of the ‘Golden Jacks‘ – die-cast golden metal stands, which when folded downwards both released the wheel and supported the model.


Corgi Catalogue 1969

There were 7 cars fitted with “Golden Jacks”:

  1. The Corgi model Mini Marcos GT850 (341), finished in metallic red, was the first in the series of Take-Off Wheels models and was introduced in March 1968. (this was also the first I found).
  • 2. Rover 2000TC
  • 3. Oldsmobile Tornado
  • 4. Chevrolet Camaro
  • 5. 1968 London to Sydney Marathon winning Hillman Hunter rally car
  • 6. Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Coupé
  • 7. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Corgi Lamborghini Miura and Chevrolet Corvette with Whizzwheels

The Ferrari Dino and  Lamborghini Miura were planned to have take-off wheels and “Golden Jacks” but ultimately released with Whizzwheels instead. One enterprising collector reverse engineered these cars to see how they would look with golden jacks Dino and Miura customised for Golden Jacks


Corgi DeTomaso Mangusta, Rover 2000TC and Oldsmobile Tornado

The DeTomaso Mangusta doesn’t have take-off wheels, but the whole chassis detaches.

Spare Take-Off Wheels were available separately in packs of twelve. The Oldsmobile Tornado, I picked up cheaply has two of its wheels were missing…


front to rear: Oldsmobile Tornado, Mini Marcos 850GT, Rover 2000TC and DeTomaso Mangusta


Rover 2000TC with a spare wheel holder attached to the boot


7 thoughts on “Corgi “Golden Jacks”

    • I think it was because they needed to introduce fast wheels to compete in the market with Hot Wheels. Today, it wouldn’t be allowed because they might be dangerous to children.

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