1953 Ford F100 Pick-up AAA Flying Tire Service (Matchbox Yesteryear)

I am not usually too interested in trucks. However, I was visiting Isaak’s stall in Vagzlis Basroba (the sprawling market around Tbilisi Central Station), I saw he had some interesting models by Cararama and New Ray and a  couple of pick up trucks. They looked nicely detailed, I asked what brand they were and he said Matchbox. Now, I was interested (Matchbox has been my favourite brand since childhood). I looked a little closer and took this photo, determined to research some more when I got home.

yesteryear pick ups

1953 Ford F 100 (black YRS02) and 1955 Ford F 100 (white YRS06)

I posted the picture on a Facebook forum for Matchbox collectors and was informed by one of the members (Mike Piggott) that:

“These are from a set of 6 road service pick ups released in the 1990s. There were 3 Fords and 3 Chevys in the group. They are very good models with lots of extra detailing. Worth buying if you collect 1/43 scale models.”

I wasn’t collecting in the nineties, so these model completely passed me by at the time. Today, I returned to the market to get the 1953 Ford F100 Pickup AAA Flying Tire Service luckily Isaak still had it.

The model was part of the “Matchbox Collectibles” series of models made in China and aimed at the adult collector. These were issued with a certificate of authenticity, I don’t have the certificate but I’m sure it is not a fake. I like the detailing of the accessories in the back and the five spare rubber tires in the rack.


7 thoughts on “1953 Ford F100 Pick-up AAA Flying Tire Service (Matchbox Yesteryear)

  1. Wow, that is great. Especially the rack of tyres behind the cab. I had no idea Matchbox manufactured in that scale. What a great find!

  2. I found the 1955 Duck Egg blue coloured Matchbox Ford F-100 delivery truck today. It is really well done and a really nice colour too. But the prices seem to have gone up a bit, I’m now mostly seeing Matchbox at around £1.50 each or £7.50 for the 5-packs.

  3. Blimey, yeah that is a price hike! I would really have to be even more selective if I were purchasing Matchbox in Georgia.

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