Lazare is my third grandchild, the first two Ana and Elene aren’t interested in cars but Lazare is.

lazare and car

Lazare with Bburago Mini

Lazare sees my collection and gets understandably excited, I would have done at his age. I have set aside a box of cars, which I am happy for him to  play with as some of my collection are fragile and I don’t want them coming to pieces.


Some of the selection in Lazare’s box


Lazare Damage

He does sometimes manage to get hold of other vehicles like the above DeAgostini GAZ 322121 which is now missing two of its rear wheels (and radiator grille). DeAgostini models are quite fragile, moving the collection last year saw some door mirrors and even windshields come off, these models are aimed at adult collectors to put on the shelf not at active two year olds to race across the floor.

The Chinese made cement truck from Lazare’s box is now missing its barrel, I’ve no idea where it went. I need to rethink my strategy, so Lazare can find some cars to play with but also so my collection doesn’t get completely trashed. I expect when he is older he will inherit my collection and I’m sure he’d be happier if it weren’t trashed, too.


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