More 3 pack and 5 pack dilemmas

matchbox 3 and 5 packs

Matchbox Multi Packs in Smart

Smart had a few multi-packs on display, the problem for me is the cars I want are scattered amongst the multi-packs and the multi-packs are expensive. A 3 pack is 23 lari ($9.43) and a 5 pack 35 lari ($14.34) ((single cars are 6.90 lari). Unlike XS Toys or Pepela, Smart doesn’t seem to have discount 30% off days….

The Cadillac Ambulance in the ambulance pack looks great, but I’m not paying 35 lari for just one model (the other 4 don’t interest me). Then there is the GMC Pick Up in the farming five pack, the Fire Chief Ford Interceptor in the Fire Rescue 3 pack and the Jeep Willys in the military style 3 pack.

Sometimes, I will find a five pack where they are all winners like the Classic Rides 5 pack but those are rare. I find the same dilemmas with Hot Wheels Hot Wheels 3 pack Dilemma. 10 packs are even crazier, priced at 79 lari!

I left the packs today, but next week I’ll be back for a three pack further back on the pegs, with the Matchbox “This is Mattel” Billboard truck, an unbranded limousine and a Mazda 2.

The Matchbox 3 pack cost 23 lari… a week later I bought 3 individual Hot Wheels vehicles for 19.70 lari, which seems better value. When you buy three individually, everyone is a winner…the dilemma with three packs and 5 packs is sometimes there is a model I can’t find individually…

Ducati 1199 Pangale

three Hot Wheels models bought at the same time


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