K.I.T.T. is the car from Knight Rider. I’ve seen this car on the pegs for a couple of months, but I wasn’t particularly interested in it, as I had never seen the eighties TV Series from which it is derived.


Hot Wheels K.I.T.T.

It is a good looking car, based on an ’82 Pontiac Trans Am, one of the most stylish American cars of the era. There is some interior detail for the computer and special steering wheel. K.I.T.T. if you are unfamiliar with the TV Show was a talking car, K.I.T.T. stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand. The car was driven by Michael Knight in the Series, a character played by David Hasselhoff, the series originally ran from 1982 to 1986 on NBC.

A red light on the bonnet (hood) acted as the car’s eye to see the road ahead. Autonomous self driving cars are no longer the preserve of science fiction with Tesla, Uber, Apple and Google all exploring the realm of self driving cars (bad news for the millions of drivers employed in the transportation industry).



Uber Self Driving car prototype


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