Paul McCartney Mini

When I travel, I like to pick up a few diecast models on my trip. Visiting England and France usually turns over some good finds. Recent trips to Italy (2016) and Turkey (2017) have proved a little disappointing.


In Turkey, after a brief afternoon in Ankara I headed to the tourist area of Cappadocia, full of souvenirs of the area but lacking in diecasts. I only added a single model to my collection a Paul McCartney Morris Mini which I found in a store called Toyzz at Ankara airport.

The Hot Wheels Beatles Series isn’t available here in Tbilisi, Georgia, so I was happy to come across the Mini. There are six models in the series, one for each of the Beatles, a bumper car with Yellow Submarine tampos and a Blue Meanies’ Kool Kombi.


The Beatles Yellow Submarine models

I’m not particularly into the Beatles, although “Yellow Submarine” is the earliest pop song I can remember and the first record I bought was “Mull of Kintyre” by Paul McCartney’s Wings (I’m not proud of this!).  I like the Morris Mini casting, I have two others, so of the series this would probably be my choice (or George Harrison’s Fish’d n Chip’d Jaguar).

Daniels, a student of mine, has two of the other models, which his father found in Latvia.


Blue Meanie Kool Kombi, George Harrison Fish’d and Chip’d Jaguar and Paul McCartney Morris Mini


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