3 lari, 3 inch models

This month I have found a few secondhand models at a couple of new hunting grounds. Around the central station in Tbilisi is a sprawling market known as Vagzlis Basroba. I have visited many times looking for models. Recently, however, I discovered a secondhand toy stall amongst the secondhand clothing stalls. There was a basket of 3 inch models, I picked up a few Hot Wheels and Matchbox models for 3 lari a piece. In the stores Hot Wheels and Matchbox retail at 6.90 lari (although one store; XS toys will have a 30% discount sale on 2 or 3 days of the month for loyalty card customers). The secondhand models are without the packaging and may have a few chips but are generally fine. Three lari is $1.25 at the current exchange rate (April 23 2017).


6 x 3 lari models

From left to right:

    1. ’69 Dodge Charger with flame tampo (Hot Wheels 2016 model)
    2. VW Beetle 4 x 4 (Matchbox) This is an earlier casting of the current 4 x 4 Beetle in the Matchbox line up. The newer casting doesn’t have the lights on the roof.


      VW Beetle 4 x 4 (Matchbox)

    3. Chevy V8 Vega (Hot Wheels ) This model is from 2011 part of the Dale Jr. Collection Wal-Mart exclusive series.
    4. Ferrari 308 GTB (Hot Wheels) This model is made in Thailand with a metal body and a metal base.
    5. 70 Chevy El Camino (Matchbox) I was surprised when I turned this model over to find it was a Matchbox, I was expecting an El Camino to be Hot Wheels. I wasn’t collecting diecasts in the nineties, so I have large areas of ignorance about this decade.
    6. Morris Wagon (Hot Wheels). This model came from a 2006 Big Blocks 5 pack. A customized version of the Morris Minor 1000 Traveller.

3 lari cars

I’m always searching for new diecast outlets. The second place I found was close to Vagzlis Basroba, a small shop full of secondhand toys. Most of the toys were the usual plastic “made in China” creations a mix of all sorts of toys: dinosaurs, soft toys, fake lego, transformers etc… but a few 3″ diecasts. (The Dodge and the Ferrari were from there). I also found a Majorette Lamborghini Countach and Lesney Matchbox Mazda RX7.


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