Monthly Acquisitions: April 2017

After adding just 8 models to the collection last month (see: Monthly Acquisitions: March 2017) this month was a bit crazy. I added 28 models to the collection. Almost one a day.



It started with a K.I.T.T.
Never thought it would come to this…. (my apologies to Hot Chocolate)


April Haul: 28 models

The haul includes 15 Hot Wheels models.


Hot Wheels haul

  1. VW Käfer Racer I’d been looking for this model since the start of the year. The “ultimate, crazy racing VW“. I missed the first model in red, I didn’t see it in Tbilisi.
  2. K.I.T.T. from the Knight Rider TV Series of the eighties. K.I.T.T.
  3. Ducati 1199 Pangale. An Italian superbike, thick tyres mean the model doesn’t need a stand for support.
  4. Ferrari 308 GTB. Hot Wheels have lost the license for Ferrari, this was a secondhand model, I found in a secondhand toy shop, I wrote about this in 3 lari, 3 inch models
  5. ’69 Dodge Charger. This was found in the same secondhand toy shop as the Ferrari but it is a model from last year with the flame tampos.
  6. Chevy V8 Vega. This model was part of an exclusive Dale Jr. Collection series for Wal-Mart.
  7. Tour de Fast. This model is a fantasy model resembling a Citroen, particularly at the front. The tampos are part of the celebration of the 2016 Olympics. In cycle races like the Tour de France, the cyclists have a number of Support Cars following the pack, carrying parts and extra bikes.
  8. 87 Toyota Pick Up. I have added a few big wheeled models to the collection recently, they make for interesting outdoor photos. Toyota Pick Up Truck 1987 HW
  9. Paul McCartney Morris Mini. I picked this up in Turkey and posted about it earlier. Paul McCartney Mini
  10. Morris Mini. I have four variants of the Mini now, it is one of my favourite castings, as it shows a car very familiar to me when I was growing up. The earlier models have detachable chassis but this one from the Snowstormers series in the current range doesn’t.
  11.  Lamborghini Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo. I have this model in grey, too. But the yellow version with Lamborghini adorned along the side proved irresistible.
  12. Morris Wagon. This model came from a 2006 Big Blocks 5 pack. A customized version of the Morris Minor 1000 Traveller.
  13. ’73 BMW 3.0CSL Race Car. I am not a fan of contemporary BMWs but love the Beemers from the seventies. I also have this model in white.
  14. ’55 Chevy. Another Chevy for the collection.
  15. Nissan 2000 Fairlady. A Japanese sports car from the sixties influenced by British Sports cars of the time like the Triumph TR series and the Austin Healey, the Hot Wheels model was created by Jun Imai.

I was also pleased to add a few Matchbox models to the collection.


Matchbox April 2017

I bought a three pack with the Billboard Truck displaying “This is Mattel“. The only model which isn’t a Mattel amongst these Matchbox is the Yesteryear Dusenberg J Town Car, which is of course a Lesney and Made in England.


3 Pack contents

The Adventure City 3 pack comprised of a Mazda 2, an unlicensed Limousine and the Billboard Truck. I got it for the Billboard Truck, the Mazda 2 is fine but the unlicensed Limousine doesn’t interest me, I’m neither a fan of limousines nor unlicensed models.

Also from Matchbox were a ‘55 Ford F 100 Delivery Truck, a VW Beetle 4 x 4 and a Chevy El Camino.

The rest of my haul was an assortment of mostly larger models Made in China.


“Made in China”

Some of these Chinese models don’t have a brand name on the car. The blue BMW 507 and red Ferrari  265GTB4 came without packaging and the only information on the base is “Made in China”. In the boxes there is what looks like an Alfa Spyder from the generic sounding “City Style Pull Back Series” and a Rastar 1:43 Jaguar XKR. The 3 inch model is a 1998 Ford Mustang Convertible by Motor Max. There is also a 1:43 yellow GAZ 322121 School Bus (DeAgostini) to replace the one my grandson Lazare broke.

All in all quite a haul.

Totals: 28 Models: 15 Hot Wheels, 7 Matchbox, 1 DeAgostini, 1 Motor Max, 1 Rastar, 3 Unbranded “Made In China”

19 Bought new, 9 secondhand

Outlets: 7 Pepela, 5 Clothes Market, 3 Super, 3 Smart, 2, XS Toys, 1 Vagzlis Basroba, 2 Varketili Market, 2 Gocha at Drybridge Market, 2 Secondhand Toys Store, 1 Toyzz (Ankara Airport)

Total Cost: 183.96 lari ($74.02)





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