Monthly Acquisitions May 2017

This has been a really crazy month for the collection. I found a new store of secondhand toys in the basement of a house near the central station, where I picked up 15 models, mostly Matchbox for 3 lari a piece. I was like Ali Baba in the cave of the 40 thieves.

I’ll present my haul to you in chronological order of acquisition, 5 models at a time.


  1. Mercedes 280 SL (New Ray). 1:43 scale. This was from Isaak a regular supplier of models who has a stall in Vagzlis Basroba.
  2. Denver Pumper (Maisto). This is a copy of the Matchbox Fire Pumper. I found this for 3 lari in the clothes market of Vagzlis Basroba.
  3. VW Classic 1967 Beetle. (Kinsmart). 1:32 Scale. I thought this was a fire chief car, but the tampo reads “City Police”, these Beetles have a big nostalgic buzz for me. From Carrefour.
  4. Porsche 934.5 (Hot Wheels). Pepela had a -30% sale, I find it difficult to resist models of Porsche 911 variants.
  5. ’67 Chevy C10 (Hot Wheels). A purple pick up.


6. ’32 Ford (Hot Wheels). Reminds me of ZZ Top’s ’33 Ford Eliminator.

7. Custom Datsun 240Z (Hot Wheels). I love JDM cars, the 240Z was the first Japanese Sports Car, I ever saw.

8. Mazda RX 7 (Matchbox). Another great Japanese sports car. This Lesney Matchbox Model was made in Hong Kong.

9. Lamborghini Countach (Majorette). This is a little playworn, and the base is coming loose.

10. ’67 Austin Mini Van (Hot Wheels). I have  few Austin Mini Van variants (Hot Wheels and Matchbox)


11. Porsche Carrera GT (Hot Wheels). This had been on my Hot Wheels Wants’ List for a while. I had a version from the Premium Porsche Series. This was from the basic mainline range.

12 Ford Police Interceptor (Matchbox). I have two of this model in my collection but they have different spellings on the side…this reads “MARSHALL”, the other reads “MARSHAL”. In Tbilisi the Ford Interceptor is used extensively by the police.

13. Purple Passion (Hot Wheels). It is not purple but metallic red, I had to ask in one of the Facebook Hot Wheels forums for someone to identify this model for me as it is not marked on the base and I wasn’t familiar with it.

14. ‘57 Corvette (Matchbox). This Corvette was found in the clothes market. I have over 30 Corvettes in my collection, mostly models of  the second and third generation Corvettes.

15. Toe Joe (Matchbox). This is the first of the models form the basement shop selling secondhand toys. It is missing its towing gear. If I were more adept at customising this could be an interesting project. Made in England


16. Siva Spyder (Matchbox). 1:54 scale. This was produced from 1972 to 1977. I have only just discovered it was based on a real car, a kit car with a VW floorpan. Made in England.

17. Mercedes 280 SL (Hot Wheels). I was very happy to find this, I love the “Pagoda” style. I would like to one day find the Corgi Rockets model of this car.

18. Dodge Wreck Truck (Matchbox). This has regular wheels so dates from before 1970, when the range went Superfast. Like Toe Joe this wreck truck is missing its towing gear.

19. Porsche Turbo (Matchbox). This I found a few days after adding it to my Matchbox wants list. Made in Macau.

20. Cosmobile (Matchbox). This model was produced form 1975 to 1978. It has a sci fi vibe about it. Made in England.


21. Vauxhall Guildsman (Matchbox). The pink version was produced from 1971 to 1975. I’m not the greatest fan of this design, but I now have three in my collection. Made in England.

22. Lamborghini Countach (Hot Wheels). A second Countach this month, and the fourth in my collection. I sat in a real one once, it was so low to the ground.

23. Lamborghini Marzal (Matchbox). A prototype of the Lamborghini Espada. I am still looking out for the dark red version that Matchbox put out first. Made in England.

24 Soopa Coopa (Matchbox). One of the crazy designs that appeared in the Matchbox range in the early seventies as Matchbox tried to imitate Hot Wheels (more about this: Matchbox 1975) Made in England.

25. GMC Tipper Truck. This was my favourite find in that basement shop. This dates from about 1968 and has a tipping cab. The vehicle is on the front cover of the 1969 Matchbox Catalogue. Made in England.


26. 1957 Lincoln Premiere (Matchbox). This came from a 2008 Haunted House 5 Pack. There is a spider’s web graphic on the side.

27. ’62 Austin Mini Van (Matchbox). A second Austin Mini Van this month.

28. Kennel Truck (Matchbox). Missing a grille, a canopy and four dogs. Made in England.

29. Refrigerator Truck (Matchbox). Regular wheels, GMC cab. Missing the rear door but paintwork is still good considering age. Made in England.

30. ‘Custom ’56 Ford Truck (Hot Wheels). This model has a rust effect decorated on its side, interesting touch.


31. Ford Capri “Santpod Gloworm” (Corgi). I have finally found a funny car that isn’t a Hot Wheels model. This came from the Corgi range in the early seventies. I found this with Gocha in Drybridge Market at 25 lari, it is the most expensive purchase this month. Made in Great Britain.

32 Custom ’77 Dodge Van “68 Action News”(Hot Wheels). Vans lend themselves to many varied decorations, this one is made to look like a News Van.

33. Chevrolet Impala Fire Chief (Matchbox).

34. Audi Quattro. The base just says “Made in China”, so don’t know the brand.

35, ‘71 Dodge Demon (Hot Wheels).


36. Lamborghini Countach (KingStar). 1:43 Scale. A third Countach this month.

37. El Camino Pick Up (Tootsietoys). 1:64 scale. This is my first model that is made in USA, I think it is from the sixties, I need to do some more research.

38. 1985 Honda CR-X (Hot Wheels). I have this model in red, too.

39. Mercedes C-111 (Hot Wheels). A Hot Wheels model with opening doors, a rarity. Classic seventies design.

40. Quarry King (Matchbox). A tractor shovel, I might give it to Lazare to play with in a sand pit.


41. Mazda RX 500 (Matchbox). Very playworn, missing the engine cover. Streakers paint style. This was on my wants’ list and will suffice until I find a better condition model.

42. Lotus Super Seven (Matchbox). Missing a windshield, another seventies Matchbox model.

43. Turbo Fury (Matchbox). Rolamatics model. the turbo fans go around as the car moves.

44. BMW R1200 RT-P Police (Matchbox). Police Motorcycle. 2013 model.

45 Porsche Cayman S (Hot Wheels).


46. Ferrari F355 Challenge (Hot Wheels).

47. Creatix Majorette Starter Pack with VW Beetle Cabriolet. The Majorette Creatix street set includes traffic signs and special sticker sheets as well a die-cast vehicle.

48. VW Karmann Ghia Coupe (Welly). 1:38 scale approx.

31st May, finishing off a crazy month I picked up another 5 models in the Secondhand Toy Shop, I’d recently discovered.


49. AMX Javelin (Hot Wheels).

50. Ferrari Enzo (Hot Wheels). A supercar named after Ferrari’s founder.

51. Mercedes 190E 2.3 (Majorette).  1:59 scale. Opening doors on the model.

52. 1971 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (Matchbox). 1:88 Scale.

53. ‘56 Ford Truck with Motorcycles (Hot Wheels).



20 Matchbox Models

Totals: 53 Models: 19 Hot Wheels, 23 Matchbox, 1 KingStar, 1 Tootsietoys, 1 New Ray, 1 Corgi, 3 Majorette, 1 Maisto, , 1 Welly, 1 Unbranded “Made In China”

13 Bought new, 40 secondhand

Outlets: 15 basement secondhand toys store, 4  Pepela, 7 Clothes Market, 5 Super, 1 Isaak at Vagzlis Basroba,  3 Gocha at Drybridge Market, 14 Secondhand Toys Store, 1 XS Toys, 1 Varketili Market and 1 Carrefour

Total Cost: 276.32 lari ($114.31)


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