Lamborghini Countach

Countach. An Italian exclamation of astonishment! The hottest supercar of the 1980s.  Designed, like the Miura it replaced, by Marcello Gandini. In the eighties posters of the Countach would adorn the walls of any teen petrolhead. Jay Leno used one as an everyday vehicle in the eighties. It produced a whopping 455 hp, the first American production car to top 400hp was the Dodge Viper introduced in 1992.

Lamborghini Countach x 5

5 Little Lamborghini Countaches

Not surprisingly many diecast manufacturers made models of the Countach.  I have five (three added this month): clockwise form the left: Hot Wheels, Maisto, KingStar, Matchbox and Majorette.



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