Made in USA

Made in USA pair

Made in USA

I have been collecting model cars for a long time but only recently have I found any models actually “Made in USA”. I have a lot of Hot Wheels; Mattel is an American company but the models I have are made in Hong Kong, China, Thailand  or Malaysia.

It was a surprise to find a TootsieToyEl Camino” at Drybridge Market. I think the model comes from the early sixties (correction around 1970, thanks Bill Pulliam). It is heavily playworn; the roof and sides have lost most of the original paint. It also doesn’t look like any “El Camino” I’m familiar with.

Made in USA El Camino

TootsieToy “El-Camino”

The second model appeared about a month later in a secondhand toy store, here in Tbilisi. An ERTL model of the “General Lee” Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard TV series of the eighties.

made in USA general lee 2

General Lee

I am not sure about the controversial Confederate flag on the roof, but I guess I have Luftwaffe Models with Swastikas and it is faithful to the TV series.




Interesting additions to my collection, I am far more familiar with models “Made in England” like the Matchbox cars of my childhood.



4 thoughts on “Made in USA

  1. That Tootsietoy represents a 1966 El Camino and was issued sometime around 1970. They also released a six inch 1960 El Camino several years earlier. All Tootsietoys were made in the USA up thought the middle of the 1970s at least, until Hot Wheels destroyed their business and they had to resort to plastics parts and outsourcing to Asia. Tootsietoy is thought to have created the very first diecast car in 1911.

    The Confederate battle flag was unofficially banned from all replicas of the ‘General Lee’ about two years ago. I believe that this will make your Ertl somewhat more collectible thirty years from now. Ertl was bought up by the Japanese company that makes Tomica diecast and now confine their output to replicas of tractors and other farm implements.

    • Thanks for all the information Bill.

      Hot Wheels really damaged the rival 3 inch car manufacturers when it came onto the market. They destroyed Matchbox sales in the USA.

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