Mercedes Hot Wheels

Mattel has recently renewed its license with Mercedes after many years. Matchbox has put out a great model of the six wheeled G63 AMG 6 x 6, the first new Mercedes model from the Mattel brands since the license renewal. Hot Wheels are putting out a yellow AMG GT, which also looks fantastic.

Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GT (Photo: Lamley Group)

More details of the AMG GT can be found on the Lamley Group blog a great source of information for Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

I treasure my older Hot Wheels Mercedes, two of which have opening parts (a rarity among recent Hot Wheels models).


Hot Wheels Mercedes

Left to right: Mercedes 280 SL “Pagoda”, Mercedes C-111 with the gull wing doors and Mercedes SLK.

I hope to find the new Matchbox and Hot Wheels Mercedes models soon. I have 30 Mercedes models, here are more details: Mercedes Models


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