The month so far

17 June….midway through the month. Last month saw a crazy 53 models added to the collection (Monthly Acquisitions May 2017). This month, so far, has been more restrained, with just 8 models (although, with a couple of weeks left, anything can happen). I just wanted to share with you what has been added so far.


  1. VW Kafer Racer (Hot Wheels). From when I first saw it in an unboxing video, I really wanted this crazy looking VW Beetle. But, I eventually found one, back in April. When I found this, a second one, I bought it almost without thinking. I really wanted one, but I’m not sure I want two…strange that!
  2. ’56 Ford Truck with Motorcycles (Hot Wheels). This is a second model, too. The first, I found last month, but there are differences, the first was made in Hong Kong and this one is made in Malaysia. The first had shiny metallic blue paint and this is a duller light blue.
    Ford truck with bikes

    ’56 Ford trucks with bikes


  3.  Hovercraft (Matchbox). This is a Lesney Matchbox model (Made in England)  from 1977. I remember having the Matchbox SRN6 Hovercraft and being disappointed it didn’t float, as it ended up at the bottom of the fish pond.
  4. Dodge Charger “General Lee” (ERTL). This model is from the Dukes of Hazzard TV Series. I was surprised to find the model is Made in USA.
  5. Ford Focus RS (Hot Wheels). Pepela had a 30% sale, I could hardly leave the store empty handed….
  6. Ford GT350 (Matchbox). I thought at first this was a model of the Wild Cat Mustang. Closer inspection showed it to be the later model produced in the early eighties for the American market. I should take the added paint off and maybe find a donor engine block to put in that hole in the hood.
    Mustangs GT350 and Wild Cat

    GT350 with Wild Cat Mustang


  7. Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ (სიხარული). This model is 1:43 scale and made in Tbilisi. It is a copy of the Solido model and the most expensive model I have bought this month. It cost 30 lari ($12) but I have seen similar models being offered at $50 on ebay.
    Alfa Romeo Giulia Tbilisi

    Alfa Romeo Giulia


  8. Ford GT. This is the cheapest model, just 1 lari. It came from a box of cheap Chinese models. The wheels are poor quality, but the shape of the body is close enough to a GT to interest me. The fourth Ford this month.

As usual I will be looking at all my monthly acquisitions at the end of the month.


2 thoughts on “The month so far

  1. Interesting that I just acquired the very same Ertl General Lee, though mine is in very poor shape. The enamel blue Hot Wheels ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler would be from 1978 or 1979, the metallic blue is from 1982. Those are a good find!

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