Monthly Acquisitions June 2017

Another interesting month of collecting. Last month saw 53 models added to the collection, this month has been more restrained with 20 models coming in. I managed to keep below my 100 lari budget…just (94.01GEL). I gave a preview of the acquisitions mid way through the month: The month so far when I had just eight models.


20 models

Only 3 were bought new, 14 were secondhand and three were  a gift from Maxime. Most were the 3 inch/ 1:64 size favoured by Matchbox and Hot Wheels with two larger 1:43 models.

First some of the Hot Wheels:

June 2017 haul 1 to 5

  1. Volkswagen Käfer Racer (Hot Wheels) The “Käfer” pronounced as “Kaefer”, meaning ‘beetle’ in German. I wanted this model from the first time I saw it in an unboxing video.
  2. Volkswagen Käfer Racer (Hot Wheels) The black version came out after the red version, but I found the black model first.
  3. Ford Focus RS (Hot Wheels). The only model still in its blister pack.
  4. Howlin’ Heat (Hot Wheels). This was a present from Maxime one of my students, it isn’t a model I’d have bought for myself, but I do like gifts. A dog like fantasy vehicle.
  5. Chevy ’61 Impala (Hot Wheels). Another present from Maxime, this is one I had already bought for myself.

June 2017 haul 6 to 10

6. ‘56 Hi Tail Hauler (Hot Wheels). A ’56 Ford F150 Truck with Bikes in light blue enamel.

7. Wildlife Truck (Matchbox). This was a Matchbox Rola-matic model. Originally, when the car moved a lion would rotate on the turntable in the back. This model is missing the lion and a clear canopy, also the Rola-matic function has ceased to work. (Rola-matics). Made in England. Produced 1973-1981. 1:67 scale.

8. Planet Scout (Matchbox). This model is missing a moulded chrome searchlight on the roof. Made in England. Produced 1975-1979. 1:73 scale.

9. Hovercraft (Matchbox). This model doesn’t float, an earlier Matchbox Hovercraft ended up at the bottom of the fish pond when I was a child! Made in England. Produced 1976-1981. 1:190 scale.

10. ’43 Jeep Willys (Matchbox). This is a Mattel model in the current Matchbox range, a faithful rendition of an iconic design. 1:52 scale.

June 2017 haul 11 to 15


11. Ford GT-350 (Matchbox). This model was made for the US Market. It would originally be white with blue stripes, this particular model is heavily playworn and missing the engine in the hood. Made in Hong Kong. Produced 1981-1982. 1:65 scale.

12. Peugeot Quasar (Matchbox). This was a completely unfamiliar model to me. A Peugeot prototype, made in the  Matchbox International Ltd Years (when Matchbox was owned by the Yeh Group). Made in Macau. Produced 1986-1991. 1:57 Scale.

13.Nissan 300 ZX (Matchbox). Also from the  Matchbox International Ltd Years. Made in China.  Produced 1990-1998.

14. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia (Matchbox). This is a crazy model, when you catch the crooks, where will you put them? It may be crazy but I like it, I have four now. Made in Thailand. Produced 2013 to date. 1:64 Scale.

15. Lamborghini Gallardo (Hot Wheels).

June 2017 haul 16 to 20

The last five models in this post are the ones which aren’t Hot Wheels or Matchbox.

16. KLM Airport Wagon (Realtoy). Another present from Maxime. This would probably have come in an airport set with other vehicles found at the airport.

17. Peugeot 205 Safari (Bburago). This 1:43 model I found at Drybridge market, it is made in Italy and cost me just 10 lari (including its box).

Peugeot 205 Safari Bburago

Peugeot 205 Safari

18. Alfa Romeo GiuliaTZ (Siharuli). This was the most expensive model of the month at 30 lari ($12.53). It is a copy of a Solido model made in Tbilisi in the USSR.

19. Ford GT . This was the cheapest model this month a Chinese made model of a Ford GT, from above it looks passable but the wheels are very poor quality. It was only a single lari.

20. Dodge Charger “General Lee” (ERTL). This was a copy of the car from the Dukes of Hazzard TV series, the model was actually “Made in the USA“.

Totals: 20 Models: 7 Hot Wheels, 8 Matchbox, 1 ERTL, 1 Bburago, 1 Siharuli, 1 Realtoy and 1 Unbranded “Made In China”

3 bought new, 14 bought secondhand and 3 gifts

Outlets:  2 Pepela, 1 Clothes Market, 3 Drybridge Market, 10 Secondhand Toys Store, 1 Hobby Master, 3 gifts from Maxime

Total Cost: 94.01 lari ($39.28)


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