Soopa Coopa

Soopa Coopa is a strange looking Matchbox vehicle, I don’t think it’s futuristic design is based on any real car, the bonnet looks a little like that of an Aston Martin Lagonda. The seats are padded and quilted like those in a rather opulent sitting room.


Soopa Coopa

I found the metallic blue model in May and the metallic pink model, today (1 July), both cost me 3 lari (about £1) but they came from different outlets in Tbilisi, both are similarly playworn. There was also rare orange model to promote ‘Jaffa Cakes’ (I doubt I’ll find that). It was produced from 1973 to 1976 on the base it has ©1972. It is clearly one of those models influenced by Hot Wheels, a fantasy model with Superfast wheels and metallic paint. I couldn’t imagine a pre 1970 Matchbox looking like that. It first appeared in the 1973 Matchbox Catalogue at #37 replacing the Cattle Truck.

Matchbox 1973 Catalogue page ?

Matchbox 1973 Catalogue (page 9)


Matchbox #37 Cattle Truck and Soopa Coopas


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