Majorette are returning to US market

Majorette pulled out of the US market in the nineties, but they return this summer, they have an exclusive deal with the Toys ‘R Us chain. I learnt about this on the Race Grooves Youtube channel: Race Grooves Weekend Show (Majorettes feature from 20:42 on) .  Majorette is a French manufacturer but like with Matchbox they are now “Made in Thailand,”

Chevy Camaro (Majorette)

Chevy Camaro

Here in Tbilisi, XS Toys have Majorettes, they retail at 7.70 lari ($3.20) which is slightly more than Hot Wheels (6.90 lari=$2.87). Unlike recent Hot Wheels and Matchbox; Majorettes often have opening features, this Chevrolet Camaro, for example has opening doors. Because of their 3 inch size, Majorette were often known as the “Matchbox Toys of France.” It will be interesting to hear how they fare on the US market.

Chevy Camaro Majorette

Chevrolet Camaro (Majorette) Scale 1:62

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