First week of July


First week of July saw these five models enter my collection: three are made in Thailand, two are made in Great Britain.

  1. Chevrolet Camaro (Majorette). This model was bought new from XS Toys. Majorette, a French brand; the models are now made in Thailand. This model has opening doors, a feature rare on recent Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Majorette are returning to US market
  2. Soopa Coopa (Matchbox). A model from the 1970s, made in England. I found this in the clothing market part of Vagzlis Basroba. The model is clearly a response by Matchbox to the Hot Wheels competition at the time with its fantasy shape and Superfast wheels. Soopa Coopa
  3. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (Hot Wheels). This was probably from a Ferrari five pack before Hot Wheels lost the license to make Ferrari models. This model was “Made in Thailand”.
  4. Jaguar XJS (Corgi). The gold Jaguar tampo is partly worn off, the car is in British Racing Green. I find any Jaguar model difficult to resist. This model is made in Great Britain (the main Corgi factory was in Swansea, Wales).
  5. DAF Classic 55 Skip Truck (Matchbox). This was a Matchbox Real Working Rig with a skip. The skip and the plastic arm holding the skip are missing, but the model can be used to transport a 3 inch car. This model is Made in Thailand. The truck and the Jaguar cost me just 5 lari from the Secondhand Toy Store. Video clip of the model with skip: Matchbox rwr DAF classic 55 skip truck

DAF Truck with Jaguar XJS and Ferrari 612 Scaglietti



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