Over 100 Fords

I have more models of Fords than any other car make. My records suggested I had hit the 100 mark, but getting them out and counting them showed me I had even more. In the picture there are 105; but I managed to overlook another three, so that makes 108 little Fords.


105 Fords

The first car I would have ridden in would probably have been my father’s Ford Anglia Estate, the car he had when I was born. He had a few Fords, 3 Anglias, 2 Escorts and briefly a big Zephyr. I never had a real Ford but I have plenty of these little ones. I am particularly partial to Ford Mustangs, which account for 40 of my 100+ Fords.


40 Mustangs

When I began this blog I had less than half the number of  American Fords  that I do now. I also have quite a few European Fords of various types. I particularly like the Escorts.


European Fords

These Fords don’t include other Ford brands such as Lincoln and Mercury.


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