Third Package from Estonia

I don’t do many trades by post, the postal service here in Georgia (country of the former USSR not the US State) is unreliable and the cost is high. I have however traded with one Facebook friend in Estonia. I wrote previously about the first package I received from Estonia  that was back in September 2014. In January 2016, I received a second package from Estonia and now in July 2017 a third package. This one came with 11 great models.


11 models from Viljar

8 Matchbox, 1 Majorette, 1 Lone Star and 1 Husky.

I have yet to put together a package in exchange. I have a couple of models Viljar is interested in, but those seem little recompense for so many great models.

My favourites from the package were three Matchbox models: the Ford Cortina Mk II with regular wheels, the VW 1600TL an early Superfast model and the near mint condition Citroen CX  Break, a Superfast model from the early eighties.

The two Lotus Europas from the early Superfast era go well with my Europa from the more recent Heritage Classics series.


Matchbox Lotus Europa

I like the Saab brand but only had one Saab model until this package arrived, now I have two with the addition of the Majorette Saab Turbo (Model Made in France).


Saab Aero X (Bburago) and Saab Turbo (Majorette)

There were four Fords in the packet, which in part inspired my last post (Over 100 Fords) including a Lone Star Mustang, missing its doors, a Husky Zephyr Estate car and a Matchbox Ford Fairlane Fire Chief (the oldest model in the package).

Two final Matchbox models to mention a red Mercury Commuter and an orange Formula 5000.

Once again a big thank you, aitäh, Viljar.



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