A Dozen Matchbox

This month, so far, has seen another dozen Matchbox models added to my collection, Eight of these were in my Third Package from Estonia (Once again a big thank you, aitäh, Viljar.)


A Dozen Matchbox Models

As usual, I intend to review all the monthly acquisitions at the end of the month. Matchbox is my favourite diecast brand and I was particularly pleased to get the VW1600TL, Ford Cortina Mk II and Citroen CX Break.


The Snow Groomer, I hope to use next winter in some snow scenes and the Dump Truck can be used for some scenes in the sand pit, I like dump trucks that actually tip. The Highway Maintenance Truck below has a plough on the front but the open-box bed at the rear doesn’t tip.


Highway Maintenance Truck and Audi RS6 Avant

The oldest of the selection is the Ford Fairlane Fire Chief Car (produced 1964 to 1966). The period around 1968 to 1972 is my favourite, it coincides with my peak Matchbox playing years as a child and also saw the transition from regular wheels to Superfast.


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