Brand Comparison: Porsche Turbo: Majorette v Matchbox

It has been a few months since I did a brand comparison post. Coincidentally, the last one I did was also of a Porsche Turbo, then I was comparing Corgi and Welly models, here is the link:  Brand Comparison: Porsche Turbo: Corgi v Welly


Porsche Turbo: Majorette (red) and Matchbox (black)

The Porsche Turbo is quite a motoring icon, I haven’t counted how many I have (in miniature…) but it must be at least twenty.

The Matchbox casting had a long run from 1979 to 1992, the black and gold variant was produced in the mid eighties. I have less information about the Majorette model, but I notice a black variant of the model was in the 1993 catalogue.


Majorette 1993 Catalogue

Both models are diecasts but the Majorette model has a plastic base. The Matchbox model has a metal base and was made in Macau, the Majorette was “Made in France”. The Matchbox model has a tow hook.


Porsche Turbo bases

Both cars feature opening doors and are rather playworn. I found both in secondhand toy shops near Tbilisi Central Station. The Matchbox model cost me 3 lari ($1.26), the Majorette 2.50 lari ($1.05). The clear windscreen of the Majorette model is in better condition than the tinted orange windscreen of the Matchbox models.


The Matchbox model is slightly more playworn

The Majorette is slightly bigger at 1/57 scale, the Matchbox is 1/64 according to the Matchbox Wikia. The Majorette models has extremely wide wheels making it look less realistic, it also won’t fit Hot Wheels track which is too narrow to accommodate the wide wheels. Mark Kasimoff (RaceGrooves) commented “Well since track compatibility is a factor, you know my pick!


The Majorette is too wide for the track

If I had to choose between the two, like Mark I’d choose the Matchbox model, it looks more realistic, it has a metal base and I prefer the colouring….and it fits on the track!




2 thoughts on “Brand Comparison: Porsche Turbo: Majorette v Matchbox

  1. Majorette’s Porsche Turbo had a very long run, from around 1983 to 2005. There were dozens of color/design variations, including chromed paints. It came with normal, narrow wheels for the first couple of years. There was a Deluxe version that was very detailed and had rubber wheels. Your particular model is from around 1986-87.

    • Thanks for the information. The Porsche Turbo is an iconic car. It has been reproduced by many diecast manufacturers. I often use Porsche Turbo models to compare various diecast brands.

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