Some Matchbox Taxis

Taxis Matchbox x 4

4 Taxis

Matchbox have cast many taxis over the years, both licensed and unlicensed. The London Taxi, would traditionally be in black but this Austin FX London Taxi is in blue. There were many colour variants of this casting, including black, red, white and even yellow. The American taxis are more traditionally yellow like those in New York, #20 the Chevrolet Impala with regular wheels has lost its taxi lettering it would have had “TAXI” written in red letters over the bonnet when new.


Matchbox Catalogue 1969

The Matchbox 2006 Ford Crown Victoria is a more recent casting and was part of the Airport Ground Crew 5 pack (2013). Finally, there is a VW Beetle Taxi  in a two tone green and white. I have been looking out for a Toyota Prius Taxi, but have yet to find one on the pegs.



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