YouTube Clips of Diecast Hunting Grounds in Tbilisi

I have uploaded a couple of clips to Youtube about two places where I look for diecast models in Tbilisi, Georgia. I don’t have a premium WordPress account, so I can’t upload the videos directly to my blog. I used a Huawei smartphone with a free Video app (VideoShow), so the quality isn’t up to Staley Kubrick’s standards…

The first is at Drybridge Market, where I find most of the older models for my collection.

Drybridge Market (Video)

Drybridge video

Screenshot of Drybridge Market Video

The second is a very brief (36 second) “Off the Peg ” video of the selection of diecast models in Carrefour, Tbilisi Mall. A video inspired by the Race Grooves “Off the Peg” videos.

Carrefour, Tbilisi Mall – Off the Pegs video

If you take the time to look of them please feel free to comment. I’d be interested to know what you think (good or bad).


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