Monthly Acquisitions August 2017

This month has been a very strange month for collecting as more models left my collection than came into it. I sold 27 of my models at Drybridge Market (Selling). The collecting began with a trip to the Secondhand Toy Shop on 2nd August, where I picked up 7 models for myself and a Tonka Crane Truck for Lazare,  to see how tough Tonkas really are…

August 2nd haul

August 2nd Haul

It was a reasonable selection and my seven models came to just 20 lari but I didn’t feel as excited as I usually do. I think I need to rethink my collecting habits. The red Jaguar XJS didn’t remain in my collection, it was one of the cars I sold at Drybridge Market.


New models for my collection August 2017

As with most months Hot Wheels and Matchbox dominated my acquisitions.


Hot Wheels selection

The four Hot Wheels models are all secondhand. There is a ’67 Camaro in the current range, which I’d like to find . The ’67 Camaro is one of the most popular castings ever by Hot Wheels, designed by Larry Wood in 1983, unusually for Hot Wheels of recent years it has an opening hood. Hot Wheels Wikia has a list of the many variants mine comes from a 2008 General Motors 5 Pack it has a metal base and was made in Thailand. The latest model has a plastic base and the hood no longer opens. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the Camaro, Hot Wheels has a special set of Camaros to mark this milestone.  I also found a Mercedes Unimog (1999)  with detachable canopy, a Porsche 928 and an El Camino.


Mercedes Unimog

The five Matchbox models include a VW Karmann Ghia, a Jaguar E Type, an Austin Mini Van, a Ford Crown Victoria Taxi and the highlight for me a Bulgarian made Vauxhall Guildsman.


Matchbox haul for August 2017

I have several Mini Vans now and it is the second E Type, although the E Type I’d love to find is the model from the sixties with the wire wheels.

Jaguar E Type

Lesney Matchbox E Type


I wrote about the Guildsman in a previous post: Matchbox “Made in Bulgaria”

Made in Bulgaria Vauxhall

Vauxhall Guildsman

The two larger scale models are both Lamborghinis, a Bburago Countach (1:43 scale) with Disney decoration and a Silhouette (1:39 scale)  made by the Japanese diecast maker Shinsei Mini Power. The Silhouette has pop up headlights operated by a lever on the base.



The other three models are a strange assortment a Majorette Porsche Turbo with oversize wheels, a Welly ’71 Chevrolet Chevelle SS and a Buffet Car.


Porsche Turbo, ’71 Chevelle SS and Buffet Car

The Buffet Car was a very cheap Chinese model (3.95 lari) what interested me were its many opening features.

buffet car

Buffet Car

Totals: 14 Models: 5 Matchbox, 4 Hot Wheels , 1 Majorette,  1 Bburago, 1 Welly. 1 Shinsei and 1 Made in China

2 bought new,  12 bought secondhand

Outlets: 9 Secondhand toy store, 2 Carrefour, 1 Gocha (Drybridge), 1 Serge (Drybridge) and  1 Clothing Market

Total cost is strange as I spent 70.85 lari on models but I received 65 lari from the sale of models so my net expenditure was just 5.85 lari.


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