French Cars: Alpine Renaults

Alpine is the sporting offshoot of Renault. I have five, made by Solido, Bburago and Deagostini in France, Portugal, Italy and China.The Bburago model of the Berlinetta is 1:24 scale, the Bburago model of the Alpine 110-50 is 1:64 the others are 1:43.

French Cars: Renault

French cars have a certain Gallic charm. In real life I had two French Cars (a Citroen ZX and a Peugeot 306). I never had a Renault, although I did consider a 19 once. In my collection of models, I have eighteen little Renaults from Majorette, Solido, Norev, Matchbox, Bburago and Corgi. Majorettes used to be…