Made in the USSR

In addition to Soviet Cars, I have a few models of European cars made in USSR.

The first is the only actual diecast model.


This Alfa Romeo 2600 Bertone was made in Tbilisi by სიხარული (Sikharuli) a copy of the Politoys model. It is rather playworn. It has many features, opening doors, boot, bonnet and tipping seats.



Also made in Tbilisi but not diecast are these plastic 1927 Panhard 35 CVs, a strange choice of model. I have seen a lot of these around Tbilisi in various colours.



and finally two more plastic cars made in USSR, I don’t usually collect plastic models, but these are two of the most beautiful cars ever, the Iso Grifo and Maserati Mistrale.



Update 2017: I now have three models of the Maserati Mistral (Made in USSR)

Maserati Mistrale

Maserati Mistral, the light green model is plastic the other two are diecast

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