some interesting finds over 4 days


Some Interesting Finds

11 February… on a whim, I visited my local market (Varketili Market), in the past it hasn’t been a great hunting ground for unusual diecasts. I was expecting perhaps, at best, a few Russian made Ladas. But I was to be surprised. My eye first fell on a Porsche 550 Spyder (Maisto) around 1:64 scale, it was okay but nothing special but by it was a Matchbox Lamborghini Miura, a car that had been top of my Matchbox wants’ list, this wasn’t a Lesney Miura but a later Bulgarian Made Matchbox Miura, the wheels were different and the interior was black not white…but it was a Miura...and the gold colour was like the original and just 4 lari the asking price! And that was not all, the trader also had a Norev Mini Jets Renault 18 GTS, a model made in France.

13 February … I made my regular Saturday visit to Drybridge Market, Karo had some overpriced Siharuli Alfas (100lari and 70lari), which were nice but beyond my budget. He also had some seriously old Lesneys, a fire engine and the cab of some early Lesney.

Ocha had some more reasonably priced models, a Corgi Marcos 3 Litre with Speedwheels for 10 lari and a German made Schuco Porsche 911S (1:66 scale) for 5 lari. I bought both, I also had a look at a Dinky Austin Champ for 10 lari. The Dinky model was missing its soldiers,  I don’t usually collect military models or Dinkys and wasn’t immediately familiar with this model.

Marcos 3 litre and Porsche 911S

Corgi Marcos 3 Litre and Schuco Porsche 911S

After researching the Austin Champ on the Internet, I returned on Sunday 14th February to pick it up. I also found the wreck of a Hot Wheels Redline Heavyweight dating from 1970, because of the condition the seller let me have it for just 50 tetri. The wheels still roll fine with Hot Wheels trademark suspension.


Dinky Austin Champ and the base of a Hot Wheels Heavyweight Tipper Truck

Now my monthly expenditure is scraping the 100 lari limit, I’d set myself, and there is still half a month left.

100 lari= 40 US Dollars


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